Case Study

Fertigation for Dublin ISD Schools

Published: October 10, 2019

Dublin California, east of San Francisco Bay, is one for the fastest growing cities in America and their school district is planning to install fertigation on all their sports fields.

They haves issues from the use of reclaimed water and have clay soils, which combined causes major issues for their turfgrass fields with poor quality and compact soil.

We are planning the fertigation systems for their fields and Simplot, our nutrient partner, will start taking soil tests from each field to plan the individual nutrient program for each field.  Simplot’s agronomists will implement products with the nutrients that specifically treat sodium and bicarbonate that build up in clay soils.  They are the nutrient and soil experts for the program.

Fertilizer injection is the best tool to add to their irrigation to constantly treat each drop of water to remediate the soil and grow great turfgrass sports fields.

We are sharply focused on sports fields across America, which are the most important turfgrass in any city and community.