Green for less

We are focused to offer the owner, manager or superintendent what they really want – A Green Landscapes, Sports Fields or Golf Courses using less water, fertilizer, chemicals and costs. We have developed a Sustainable Program that brings soil health into managing landscapes, sports fields and golf courses. We still promote the use of synthetic […]

Hydroponic Greenhouses for Yucatan

Turf Feeding  Systems is contracted to build and manage a large Hydroponic and Greenhouse Project in Yucatan Mexico for Monarca. We are about to launch a large 200 hectare high yield hydroponic greenhouse and row crop project in the Yucatan region of Mexico for Monarca, a Mexico City company.  This is Phase One of Monarca’s  […]


Good news from Joaquin High School. The turfgrass recovery is going well at the football field in Joaquin, Texas. Mark Bonner, the field maintenance manager, has been faced with large bare areas and poor grass quality on their high school football field since new field was put in several years ago. The issue is caused […]

Helping Small Town Football

The high school football field in Joaquin Texas is their Holy Grail of turfgrass. A small rural town in East Texas with a population of 824 and only 240 students enrolled; however, the field has serious turfgrass problems caused poor well water quality. Joaquin High School has a great stadium and has had the field […]