Sodium Blocker

Sodium is one of the most common issues in turfgrass and landscape management in the western states. Irrigation water with even low rates (100 ppm or more) can slowly buildup the sodium levels in the soils until soil becomes toxic to the plants. Sodium is locked into the clay structure of the soil by cat Ion linkage and the more the landscape is irrigated the worse it gets. Many treat this problem with gypsum which is laborious and slow to work. Sodium Blocker was developed to address these issues. It is a treatment for the damaged soil and a maintenance program to prevent the problem in the future.

History brought Sodium Blocker to the turfgrass market from the Oil and Gas business. Brine water, which is high concentration salt water, is used to inject into oil wells to raise the level of oil for production. Sometimes the brine water has spilled and contaminates agriculture fields and destroys the soil and the fields. So this product was developed to remediate the sodium damage in soils.

We found the product and formulated it for the turfgrass, golf, and landscape markets. It is a special formulation to release the sodium tied to the clay, a special surfactant to flush the sodium from the root zone and a very unique enzyme to protect the plant from the sodium while all the work takes place.


Application Rates – Fertigation Application

•First treatment of soil – bad condition (1 gal per acre) – moderate condition (.5 gal per acre)
•Second treatment – 1⁄2 gal per acre second month
•Maintenance – 1quart to one pint per acre per month