Principles of sustainability

Sustainable soil management is the engine for economic,environmental, and social sustainability.


Sustainability for agronomy is:

Reducing what is done to grow plants – water, fertilizer, chemicals, labor, and energy while improving the quality of the plants or the size of the harvest. Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”. Agriculture and landscape management has not changed in the last 30 years. Turf Feeding is changing the game.


Sustainability is healthy soil and healthy plants

How do you create a Healthy Plant with Better Roots?
Look at the image below and see how Healthy Soil will
produce a Healthy Plant.


Healthy Soils need less water and nutrients to support the plant. Less water, fertilizer, chemicals, energy, and labor.


Humic Nutrients for the Soil

Most soils are depleted and sterile without soil biology. Soil biology is the foundation for all plant growth before humans. When it is brought back into the process of growing crops or landscapes, everything is more

This principle is adding soil nutrients to the soil to bring back lost biology. These diverse biologies will release nutrients that are in the soil, but not available for the plant to take up. These will reduce the problems of soil pH and sodium that reduce nutrient efficiency. They will also eliminate plant disease.

The way it is done, is by adding special Humic substances with the fertilizer. These are special organic
substances which are available in many areas of the world and occur naturally. Some are dry and some are liquids
that can be sprayed or applied through irrigation by fertigation.


Reduce Labor and Energy through

Automation – Fertigation

This principle of a healthy soil is very simple and is being done around the world, but now it can be done
with automation for irrigated crops and landscapes through fertigation in the irrigation system.

Fertigation is the principle of accurately injecting light rates of liquid nutrients into the irrigation system with each irrigation cycle. This applies very efficient rates of nutrients to feed the soil and no need to store it in the soil. This eliminates fertilizers lost below the root zone.

Turf Feeding Systems is the leader in fertigation products and Sustainability. TFS has been in the
fertigation business for over 25 years working around the world.


Total Program

Sustainability brings everything together – soil health, reducion of water, fertilizer, chemicals, and includes automation reducing labor and energy through fertigation and improves production and quality.Contact us to receive a complete information presentation.