The G2000 is our most popular fertigation system for any golf course up to 250 acres.  It is a dual head 2×30 gal/hr injector system, which can inject two nutrients.  It is controlled by a flow sensor and includes all components for installation.

This new model is more accurate, more dependable, has a longer service life and is 20% less cost

This model is suitable for golf courses up to 36 holes and will proportionally inject one nutrient. The single pump can be used for injection of major nutrients (NPK). The head is adjustable to your specific application requirements.


  • The main pump has dual heads – 2×30 gal/hr (114 liters/hr) heads @ 150 psi – 10 bar.
  • The system includes all the industrial hoses, fittings and connections to install it to the irrigation line and tank.
  • The system will include an optical isolator to use the pump station flow sensor or an optional flow sensor can be added