Sustainable Golf, Sports & Landscapes

Sustainability is an economic driver reducing golf course irrigation costs and improving plant health and quality.

Fertigation equipment delivers green landscapes, sports fields and golf courses irrigation for less cost, less water and less labor.

Golf – You can feed the entire golf course lightly with low cost liquid fertilizer, and you can target the greens with your special brew of nutrients, surfactants, minors (iron) and humates from your mixer.

You are in total control of growth, color and quality of your golf course’s landscape, whether it’s a private country club with a good budget and large crew, or a low budget small crew municipal.

Sports – The most important issues for a sports field is thick dense green grass that is safe for players. Fertigation can give the field managers total control maintaining a healthy field when it’s not in use, then pushing growth, thick and dense, for the season of heavy use.

Additionally, fertigation equipment is the fastest way to recover field areas of field damage from over play. The field manager can turn up the irrigation and fertigation for targeted zones to push the grass recovery, which is a great management tool.

Landscapes – Green for less is the theme for any landscape, whether it’s a park, cemetery or large lawn on a yard or estate, and fertigation is the way to achieve it. Fertigation can feed the plant and soil to promote plant and soil health.

Fertigation equipment using a good nutrient program – synthetic and organic fertilizer – can reduce water use up to 50% for golf course irrigation, while improving the overall quality. Plant and soil health is the secret promoting deep dense roots