Sustainable Sports Fields

Sustainable Sports Fields present the concept of bringing irrigation, fertigation, and soil biology together to improve plant and soil health, while reducing chemical fertilizer, pesticides,labor, and maintenance costs.

Water Efficiency

Irrigation is key to all sports fields and when you add the fertigation system you create a total program of Water Efficiency – Making water more Efficient and nutrient rich. Plus, you can recover quickly from damage from over use.


Fertigation technology has proven through the years it is very efficient. It combines with the irrigation system to bring Automation to the maintenance of the Sports Field – reducing labor while feeding the plant and soil very lightly and efficiently with each irrigation cycle..

Organic Nutrients

The health of the soil is the key element to a healthy plant, and using organic nutrients through fertigation will improve the soil and plant health. This organic program will reduce chemical fertilizers and pesticides, promote a plant with a deeper stronger root system, and reduce disease and insect damage. This produces a more ef ficient plant and a better sports field.

Reduce – Water, Fertilizer, Chemicals, Labor & Energy Improve – Quality and Recovery from Over Use.