Fertigation systems are a great grass fertilizer tool to add to any irrigation system.

As you may know, water is a critical element for the health of your grass. However, what most people do not realize is that water does not make the grass green or grow. Rather, it is the nutrients in grass fertilizers that help it grow and stay healthy.

In a changing climate, additional tools are necessary to maintain the growth and health of the plants to make up our landscapes. This is where fertigation comes in.

Fertigation (a portmanteau of “fertilization” and “irrigation”) is a valuable tool that enhances the power of your landscape irrigation system. A fertigation pump can be added to any irrigation system to make every drop of water valuable. The system makes each drop of water lightly “sweet” with grass fertilizer to feed the plants, grass, and soil.

Regardless of what your site is—whether it is a landscape, an athletic field, or a golf course—Turf Feeding’s fertigation system is an efficient and accurate feeding method for your plants, grass, and soil. Our close interval feeding system is optimized to deliver light rates of grass fertilizer nutrients to the plant. Plus, the injection rate can be adjusted up or down based upon the desired growth rate or color. In effect, you have a powerful tool that you can control that will make your grass, soil, and plants healthier.

We have an extensive product line that offers varying rates of capacity and coverage. Each Turf Feeding model can be installed in irrigation pump rooms on golf courses or mounted in a wall enclosure in landscape and athletic field applications.

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