Case Study

Restoring a School Landscape

Published: October 10, 2019

Restoring the landscape of a private school in Kansas City was all about rebuilding the soil health.

The landscape of the 100 year old private school was suffering from years of poor maintenance practices.  The maintenance contractors for years followed the traditional practices of heavy fertilizer and chemical applications, but the landscape became stressed and trees were dying.  More fertilizer, chemicals and water were applied, but the landscape quality continued to drop.

Bill Nolde, a local agronomist, arborist and soil consultant, was brought in to evaluate the landscape.    After soil and plant testing Bill Nolde stated,   “It was clear the maintenance crews have poisoned and killed the soil with over use of chemicals and fertilizers.  The soil only had disease and pathogens to grow plants.”

Bill launched a soil recovery program.  He installed our fertigation systems on the irrigation system and started a soil treatment program with HumaGro products to restore the probiotic soil biology. Fertilizer injectors are very beneficial and can spoon feed the landscape to feed the plants and soil

These humic substances are critical in the lifecycle of soil biology and his program quickly turned the landscape around.    Bill concludes, “Now the landscape is rich and healthy using less water, fertilizer and chemicals. Plus the roots are growing deep and dense. The soil engine has restarted.”

Bill Nolde is an outstanding agronomist and soil expert, and testing soil biology is one of his most important tools.