Fertigation is a great tool added to any irrigation system.

Water is important; however it doesn’t make the grass green or grow. Nutrients are the fuel that promotes growth and plant health.

Fertigation is a great accessory or tool added to any irrigation system to make each drop of water lightly sweet with nutrients to feed the plants, grass and the soil.

Whether your site is a landscape, sports field or a golf course, fertigation is the most efficient and accurate method to feed the plant and soil.

Close interval feeding with each irrigation cycle is the best fertigation method.   It delivers light rates of nutrients to the plant, and the injection rate can be adjusted up or down based on the desired growth rate or color.

The fertigation model and capacity is selected for the specific application and irrigated area (acres) of the site. It can be installed in an irrigation pump room at a golf course or mounted on a wall in an enclosure for a landscape or sports field site. We offer many model and capacity options from one acre to over 200 acres.


Model selection