Golf Fertigation can save over $10,000 annually

Golf Fertigation can save over $10,000 annually

Labor, fertilizer and chemicals are the highest management costs for a golf course and fertigation can reduce all three – saving $10,000 to over $25,000 annually.

Close interval feeding with fertigation is the most efficient way to fertilize.

Fertigation can reduce fertilizer and chemical use 50% or more, because less than 50% of any dry fertilizer ever gets to the plant. Fertigation is more efficient and can deliver up to 95% to the plant by light close interval feeding and foliar feeding.

Plant and soil health can be promoted by injecting humates, organic carbon and Probiotic biology, through fertigation to feed the soil. This will promote soil health, deeper and denser roots and over power disease pathogens with Probiotic biology, which can reduce chemical use.

Fertigation will reduce labor by reducing broadcasting and spraying fertilizer. The labor can be better used on more important tasks to improve the visual quality.

Fertigation can be turned up to increase growth before an event such as a tournament and can be reduced for general play. The superintendent has control of the golf course, the labor and the quality, while saving his budget for new mowers, irrigation upgrades or a new pump station.

Buy new mowers or a new pump station on any golf course for less than $10,000

Over 50% of the golf courses in America need new mowers or a new pump station, but few have the  money so they struggle year after year with what they have.  They repair and replace parts to keep the mowers running, which is costly.

I have a plan for any serious golf course to get all new mowers or a new pump station for as little at $10,000. It will take a little work and some time, but the results can benefit everyone.

Here’s the plan.

If you purchase a fertigation system for your golf course and follow our simple Sustainable Golf steps and I can help you save $10,000 to $25,000.  You save the money, and put it in a savings account. The money is in your budget already.  You just put aside in a savings account. Then you go to your turf distributor or a pump station company and you tell them, I have $10,000 to $25,000 cash I can pay down on new mowers or a new pump station, can you finance it?  I guarantee they can finance new mowers or a new pump station with that cash down payment.

Sadly, many club managers hear the superintendent say “we need new mowers or a new pump station” and he always replies, “Sorry we don’t have the money, do the best you can repairing what we have.”

However, we can help any golf course save $10,000 to over $25,000 each year improve quality and get new mowers or a new pump station.

Watch this video and see how we helped Jeff Wagner save money and improve quality and he upgraded his Rain Bird pump station with some of his savings.

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