September 5, 2017


Good news from Joaquin High School. The turfgrass recovery is going well at the football field in Joaquin, Texas.

Mark Bonner, the field maintenance manager, has been faced with large bare areas and poor grass quality on their high school football field since new field was put in several years ago. The issue is caused by poor water quality from their well used for irrigation, which has high in sodium and bicarbonates.

We installed a L500 fertigation system three weeks ago and started injecting a special blend of nutrients and organics with our Sodium Blocker.

Mark is very pleased with the recovery of the field, and the coaches are very surprised at the increased density of the turfgrass. Mark is also very impressed with the soil quality. The water does not puddle on the field with heavy rain like it did in the past. The soil is soft and open – not like a brick caused by bicarbonates. He said, “I couldn’t even push a my truck key into the soil last year it was hard as a rock, but now it is much better and I can push a long screw driver all the way in with ease”.

My job is to help Mark create the best football field in the area and make him the hero for the school district, and all is going well in Joaquin a town of only 840 residents in East Texas.

Michael Chaplinsky