October 10, 2019

Higher Crop Yields for the Middle East

We are helping our customers in the Middle East increase their crop yields with our fertigation and new growing technologies.

We have been shipping fertigation systems to the Middle East – Kuwait, Qatar and Egypt, for over seven years, and we just got more orders going to United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Our distributor/partner, Tarek Hanafi, is a great agronomist/engineer and consultants across the region.  He is specifying our fertigation into more agriculture and horticulture sites, and is introducing our new growing technologies to treat the water and soil.

He has several of our new fertigation systems that include our magnetic water treatment to reduce sodium and bicarbonate in their water.  All the water in the Middle East region has poor quality and many use RO to treat the water, which is very costly.   Our magnetic water treatment is about to change all that.

We are also shipping several bio brewing systems for the grower to brew his own probiotic biological treatments for